Perverted Podcast

Featured Orgasm

If you would like to send in your recorded  orgasm...GREAT!

Email your cellphone, or other form of  recording to:

Mp3 or .wav prefered, but we can figure out most audio formats.

NOTE: After your orgasm you will

need to say something to the extent of  "That was for Perverted Podcast" otherwise we will not know that it is  actually from you, or that you consented to us playing it.

Please do not send fake orgasms.
That is against the entire goal of empowering women to believe their REAL sounds are special and valid.
Big, small, loud or soft, every orgasm and arousal WITHOUT orgasm is worth celebrating.
Women fake orgasms to please their partner's fragile egos and that is a lie against the validity of their  sexuality.

Our female listeners send us their recorded orgasms so we can celebrate ALL orgasms as wonderful and special.

We play them on the show and now they are up here for you to enjoy and appreciate by themselves.
This segment has not only been SUPER sexy but also empowering for many of our  listeners.